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 Master key systems

Did you know that, a sensible security precaution is to change the combination on your company's locks every time you loose a employee that had the keys. If you have any digital (electronic or manual push button type) locks
you should also change those combinations. The reasons for changing keys and combinations are obvious, the benefits are incalculable, and the savings are very real.
By taking steps to prevent a breach of security before the breach occurs is the best, most economical and effective security solution available to you.

                           THE FIRE MARSHALL AND BUSINESS

The law, in most jurisdictions, requires that any person should be able to exit any commercial building in an unimpeded manner. Further, that law states that any designated fire exit (Virtualy any door that permits egress from the building.) cannot have any lock, chain, bolt or device that requires a key or " any specialized knowledge" to operate- "even in the dark".
Call us to help you find good, solid, workable security solutions. Solutions that allow you to proactively protect your premises and the assets on those premises. Solutions that will not only keep the bad guys and gals out, but will keep the fire marshall and your wallet happy too!

                                       ADA AND BUSINESS

The American with Disabilities Act--The ADA-- obligates you to install hardware on your business doors that will not require "tight grasping, turning or twisting" to operate. If you fail to comply with the stringent mandates of the ACT, the first fine can be $50,000.00!
Installing ADA approved and mandated hardware truly makes good financial sense. The moderate cost of lever sets or push/pull hardware on restroom doors and appropriate hardware on your others doors can be an economic lifesaver.

                                          Door closers

Door closers on entrance  doors prevent injuries to clients and employee alike by controlling the closing of the door on even the windiest of days.Closers on kitchen or service doors help control the intrusion of insects, vermin and even would-be crooks. Door closers on rest rooms doors provide privacy and prevent the migration of odors and germs to others areas of the premises.

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